New Era Broadband

Internet Without The Phone Line!

There's Something Different In The Air!

Fill in the form below, and we'll check our map to see if you can receive our signal!

New Era Broadband

New Era Broadband is Internet a new way. No unreliable old telco lines to your house. No expensive satellite that goes away every time it rains, then slows you down when you reach your limit of data. No expensive overages like the cell phone data plans, when you exceed your data limits. New Era brings you Internet by radio. We place a small receiver on your residence, and bring in fast, reliable, Broadband Internet. No data limits. No hidden fees!

To see if your location qualifies to receive our signal, simply fill out the form below and submit it. This will generate a map right on your screen showing you if you can receive the signal. We will be notified and we'll contact you. We'll give you a yes, no or maybe answer when we call. If it's a "maybe", we'll come out and perform a free signal strength test, just to verify yes or no.

If the resulting marker appears in a shaded area, you have a great chance of receiving our service. Please use as accurate information as you can. Remember, this is only as good as the information put into it.